Feb. 16, 2012 – NewMarket Announces Global Exclusive Licensing Agreement With Catalent Pharma Solutions

February 16, 2012

NewMarket Pharmaceuticals LLC Initiates Development Of Products In ZYDIS® Fast Dissolving Tablets For Treatment Of Production And Companion Animals

Princeton, NJ – NewMarket Pharmaceuticals LLC has partnered with Catalent Pharma Solutions, a leading global drug delivery technology company, to develop and formulate a line of products for treating production and companion animals.  Using Catalent’s proprietary, market-leading Zydis® fast-dissolve technology and NewMarket’s own DSI™ platform (Direct Systemic Introduction, patent pending), NewMarket plans to develop a portfolio of new animal health products that are expected to provide significant advantages over existing formulations currently used across a spectrum of indications for companion animals, equine, and production animals.

NewMarket currently has five drugs in development that combine the Zydis® and DSI™ technologies, initially including NSAIDs, beta agonists, proton pump inhibitors, and behavior modifiers across a variety of species including horses, dogs, and cattle, with plans to expand the range in other classes. Mark Ridall, CEO of NewMarket Pharmaceuticals states that, “These easy-to-use formulations provide a clear advantage over traditionally ingested dosage forms and show the potential to revolutionize the way we treat animals by providing for a simple, efficient, accurate method of treatment without the use of needles.”

Dr. David Rock, NewMarket’s Vice-President for Research and Development said, “Our studies have determined that rapidly dissolving tablets are absorbed directly into the animal’s system (Direct Systemic Introduction, DSITM), bypassing gastric absorption and metabolism and providing a greater amount of drug to the animal more rapidly than conventional formulations.  These products offer livestock producers and pet parents products that are easy to use and will provide the correct amount of product per label instructions.”  Dr. Rock joined NewMarket Pharmaceuticals in 2010 following 30 years of work with several animal health companies including Fort Dodge Animal Health and Pfizer Animal Health.

Paul Jenkins, Global Vice-President of Catalent’s Orally Dissolving Tablet (ODT) business said, “This partnership with NewMarket Pharmaceuticals clearly demonstrates the many unique benefits that our Zydis® technology continues to deliver.”

About NewMarket Pharmaceuticals LLC

NewMarket Pharmaceuticals was founded with the purpose of modernizing drug delivery systems for the treatment of animals.  The company has identified a means by which established drugs that have proven safety and efficacy profiles, but exist in outdated or inefficient delivery systems, can be reformulated and administered to animals in a faster, safer, easier and more accurate manner that has the potential to dramatically expand the market for these drugs.  Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, NewMarket uses state of the art formulation technology to achieve these goals.  For more information visit www.newmarketpharma.com.

About “Direct Systemic Introduction, DSI™”

During the early stages of their development program, NewMarket observed that the delivery of drugs in fast dissolving technologies for oral absorption resulted in a greater amount of drug available for therapeutic activity more rapidly than many existing traditional formulations used in animals.  The pharmacokinetic characteristics showed that these formulations are in many cases superior to injectables, pills, pastes, granules, and other delivery methods for many widely used drugs. This new formulation platform eliminates exposure of the drug to the destructive activities that begin in the stomach and continue throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract. It allows pre-gastric uptake of the drug and avoids first-pass metabolic activities.  This results in a greater availability of the drug for therapeutic activity.

 About Catalent Pharma Solutions

From drug and biological development services to delivery technologies to supply solutions, Catalent has the deepest expertise, the broadest offerings and the most unique technologies in the industry.  With over 75 years of experience, Catalent helps customers get more molecules to market faster, enhance product performance and provide superior, reliable manufacturing and packaging solutions.  Catalent employs approximately 8,000 employees at 24 facilities worldwide.  Catalent Pharma Solutions is headquartered in Somerset, NJ.  For more information visit www.catalent.com.


Zydis® is a registered trademark of Catalent Pharma Solutions, Inc.

DSI™ (Direct Systemic Introduction) is a trademark of NewMarket Pharmaceuticals, LLC

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