NewMarket’s revolutionary and patented DSI™ technology is the only available dosage form that delivers an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) directly into the subject’s circulatory system without using a needle. DSI™ products are easier to use, faster acting, and more efficient that any existing oral product presentation.

Once administered, NewMarket’s DSI™ formulations dissolve instantaneously in the oral cavity, delivering a bolus of the API to the animal. The API is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream via the tissue before the animal’s stomach.

The DSI™ method of administration avoids first pass metabolism and the inefficiencies inherent to gastric absorption. Accordingly, as compared to conventional oral formulations, NewMarket’s DSI™ products are absorbed faster and more efficiently, as shown by a shorter time to maximum blood concentration and a greater bioavailability.

Through rigorous testing of a range of APIs across a variety of animal species, NewMarket has developed a line of DSI™ compositions. These DSI™ products represent a significant achievement in the animal health industry, and a major innovation beyond traditional oral formulations, providing the opportunity to replace current oral dosage forms with easier to use, faster acting and more efficient products.