Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the measuring stick for pharmaceutical innovation and is at the core of what we do at NewMarket. NewMarket’s intellectual property strategy follows a multi-tiered approach to fully capture every aspect of our technological contributions. Our focus on intellectual property ensures that we have maximum flexibility when developing new products while also protecting our interest in achieving the highest level of market protection for the lifecycle of our products.

NewMarket has patented the DSI™ technology, and currently has multiple US and Worldwide patents pending which build upon our existing patent. NewMarket’s suite of intellectual property covers our entire line of DSI™ products, including formulations, compositions, methods of manufacturing, and methods of treating diseases. Our meticulous development of intellectual property serves to protect our markets, ultimately providing us with a wide field to operate and enabling us to create and market a comprehensive range of product offerings for companion and large animals across the world.

Our intellectual property team is led by Dr. Jeff Lindeman, at J.A. Lindeman & Co. PLLC. Dr. Lindeman’s efforts in developing NewMarket’s intellectual property are supported by some of the finest intellectual property lawyers in the country.