The traditional methods of dosing animals are outdated. Existing routes of administration (i.e. intravenous and intramuscular injections, and oral dosing applications such as pills, pastes, granules, gels, feed additives and chewable tablets) all have significant disadvantages to the administrator, animal, and owner.

IV and IM injectables can pose a danger to the animal and administrator during administration, increase the risk of infection in an unsterile environment, and require additional expenses to properly administer the therapy. Conversely, current oral formulations, while traditionally safer to administer for the animal and administrator, can be notoriously difficult to administer or provide inaccurate dosing.

NewMarket Pharmaceuticals has identified a means by which therapeutic compounds can be reformulated and administered to animals in a faster, safer, easier and more accurate manner – Direct Systemic Introduction (DSI™).